Take Nonviolent Direct Action to Save Old Growth Forests

Do you worry about the climate crisis and what it means for your future?

We are now close to irreversible tipping points but there is still time to act.

During the month of April, Save Old Growth achieved rapid name recognition and repeated public acknowledgement from the Premier, the Minister of Forests, Katrine Conroy, and half the cabinet. This was accomplished within 3 months of the campaign’s launch and was made possible due to public disruption and high-risk civil disobedience.

Those who say that publicly-disruptive tactics don’t or won’t work have been proven incorrect historically, time and time again.

Insulate Britain recently won their demand with a £1 Billion plan from the government to insulate the UK’s poorest homes after they continually blocked the M25 highway around London.

Join us in nonviolent civil resistance alongside other ordinary people and we will create the change we need for a livable future.

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We will continue until we get legislative change to end all old-growth logging in BC.

Commitment for Action:

I ____________ formally pledge to enter into civil resistance and take part in a nonviolent direct action in June.

In preparation for this action I will attend a nonviolence training & legal briefing and join with my local group to ensure that I am trained, prepared and supported before taking action.

I understand the importance of these actions in the context of the unimaginable horror that will occur if the climate and ecological crisis is not dealt with.

I am committing to high-risk civil resistance. I acknowledge that people’s safety at these actions will depend on me honoring my commitments. Only a dramatic life event or emergency will prevent me from taking part in these actions (An emergency is if a close relative has passed away or if you are too sick to get out of bed etc).

“This is an emergency and for emergency situations we need emergency action.” – Ban Ki-Moon, Former UN Secretary-General

Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for your care.

Not ready to sign the form yet?

Want to find out more about Save Old Growth?
Attend a talk (online or in-person)

Can’t make it to a talk?
Watch a recorded talk with coordinators of the campaign and Dr. Peter Carter, expert reviewer for the IPCC.

What is Save Old Growth? Here’s the plan.
Strategy – How do we win on old growth logging? (13 mins)
Pathway to Action

Save Old Growth blocking the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver
If this is what 3 people can do, imagine what we can do with hundreds.
You are more powerful than you think.