Talks & Pathway to Action

Attend a Public Talk or Info Session

Our online and in-person talks are an opportunity to learn more about the severe situation we are in, connect with others who feel the same, and to understand social science behind the campaign and where we are heading. We will explain the process for how you can join and support, wherever you are in the country.

Follow Up Meeting

After the intro talk you will be invited to a second meeting where you will have chance to ask further questions, hear about the different working groups & roles and figure out your place in the movement.

Next Steps

After the second meeting you can attend all group events including General Assemblies, Nonviolence Trainings and other group socials. You will have a dedicate ‘point person’ that you can ask about upcoming events and will be added to the working groups you expressed interest in during your second meeting.

Before you take any direct action you will connect with your team and get to know, trust & build community with the people you will be alongside. We ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, is trained and prepared for their action.

General Assemblies

At our General Assemblies we gather together as a community. Here you will get to connect with other people, new and old to the group and is a chance for the wider group to connect, share updates, give feedback & ideas, learn and do training together.

Nonviolence Training

Nonviolence is at the heart of many successful campaigns throughout history. We will explore the principles of nonviolence and the effectiveness of nonviolent direct action.¬†You’ll also learn about different roles, de-escalation techniques and how to react to police and angry members of the public. We will provide a short legal briefing along with resources for your own research.

Attend an event or Sign up for action

Other ways to get involved

If you don’t want to be taking direct action, but still want to be part of this community, there are plenty of ways you can be involved! Let us know about your interests by filling out this form. Examples of the options include:

  • Recruitment & Mobilization: leafleting, tabling, calling and organizing & giving talks
  • Retention & Community Support: hosting house meetings, arrest support, emotional support & community building
  • Action & Logistics: arranging logistics, planning debriefs and arrest support
  • Media and Communications: graphic design, social media, video editing, collecting media coverage, website design
  • Research and Admin: summarizing latest reports, news stories and stats. Data entry and other administrative support roles

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If you have any accessibility requirements or extra support needs that would allow you to fully participate in any of the talks, trainings or actions please let us know and we will do our best to support you.